Car Tune Ups in North Richland Hills & Euless, TX



When you are searching for a “tune up near me”, Parra Car Care is your answer. What exactly does getting a “Tune Up” mean these days? Really a car tune-up is a set of preventative maintenance services that should be done periodically to make sure your car is running smoothly. The problem is that what services are included in a tune-up can vary from one auto repair center to another. 


A great way to ensure that your car is running properly and efficiently is by maintaining regular tuneup services. With time and thousands of miles, parts of the engine and emission systems can become worn, dirty, damaged or even cracked. Eventually the wear and tear can lead to lower fuel efficiency, as well as decrease potential engine life and performance.

After our ASE-certified technicians complete a tuneup service, your vehicle’s fuel and engine systems won’t have to work as hard to give you top-of-the-line performance. Clean and properly serviced parts can increase the gas mileage and even decrease emissions!

How Often Does A Car Need A Tune Up?

These days, cars that don’t have electronic ignitions normally only go about 5,000-10,000 miles between tune-ups. Most vehicles with electronic ignitions are scheduled to go at least 25,000 miles before needing a major tune-up. To best take care of your car’s engine, ignition, and emission systems, follow your vehicle manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule.

Get a high-quality tuneup from Parra Car Care, where we always:

  • Inspect and replace the air filter

  • Inspect and replace the fuel filter

  • Clean and check the fuel system

  • Spark plug inspection, cleaning, and replacement

  • Inspect all engine components visually

  • Check time and idle setting

Ready for a smoother ride?

If your vehicle is making unusual sounds, has new vibrations or odors, or just isn’t running the way it used to, then bring it into one of our three local auto repair shops. Get in touch with us today!