Engine Replacement Services in Euless & North Richland Hills, TX

We know that not all engines need to be replaced, and that every car and owner are in a unique situation that requires custom solutions.

engine replacement

While the words “internal engine damage” may be scary, we will always work to come up with the best option to get you back on the road safely. No matter what make or model you drive, our ASE-Certified technicians are experienced with all types of engine replacement and repair.

There are a lot of parts and systems working together to get your car around town, but the engine is definitely the main component.

It generates the power needed to drive and requires care and maintenance to stay functional. The problem is that even perfect maintenance records can’t stop all the wear of aging and high mileage that require some sort of repair - or worse. We can help source a used engine or rebuilt engine for your car, truck or SUV. Our expert technicians will get it installed and have you on your way in no time! Most engine replacements are backed by an extensive warranty so you don't have to worry about your investment.

Ready for a smoother ride?

If your vehicle is making unusual sounds, has new vibrations or odors, or just isn’t running the way it used to, then bring it into one of our three local auto repair shops. Get in touch with us today!

Engine Replacement FAQs

Where do I get my car engine rebuilt?

If you're looking for “local engine rebuilding” or “engine replacement near me,” give Parra Car Care a try! We've been the auto shop of choice for Euless and North Richland Hills, Texas residents for over 45 years. When you get the engine repair services you need from us, you'll enjoy perks like our:

  • Qualified technicians. The best mechanics in the industry are ASE-certified, and that's why we make a point of hiring mechanics with this form of certification.
  • Multiple locations. Thanks to our presence in Euless and North Richland Hills, you'll always be able to find a Parra Car Care location near you.
  • Broad service selection. At Parra Car Care, we do much more than replacing and rebuilding engines. You can also count on us when you need air conditioning repair, oil changes, transmission repair, and any other auto maintenance/repair service.
  • Service quotes. No driver should have to wonder how much they'll have to pay for the auto repair services they need. When your shop offers quotes for its work, this won't be a concern for you ever again.

Are you ready to schedule an appointment for engine replacement (or any other type of auto service)? If so, you're in luck — just fill out our online scheduling form.

How do I know if I need my car engine rebuilt?

If you have noticed red flags like the following lately, it may be time to visit a local auto shop for an engine rebuild:

  • Smoke from your engine. Engine smoke may be caused by a blown head gasket, a cracked cylinder head, or another issue entirely. In any case, smoke coming from your engine could indicate that this vital component is nearing the end of its life span.
  • Loss of power. Does your engine have trouble maintaining power when your vehicle is accelerating or driving uphill? If so, it may be suffering from wear and tear — and a quick tune-up may not be enough to resolve the situation at hand.
  • A “ticking” sound in your motor. When you hear a ticking noise in your motor, it's a sign that your engine is suffering from insufficient lubrication. This can also point to a low oil level — and since your car relies on motor oil to run, not having enough clean oil could have serious consequences.
  • Overheating issues. There are multiple reasons why your vehicle may be overheating, from using the wrong brand of coolant to problems with your engine's head gasket. No matter what the source of your issue is, this is something that needs to be addressed by a skilled mechanic.

How much is an engine rebuild?

There's no denying the fact that rebuilding an engine can be expensive. While this service can cost thousands of dollars, your exact expenses will vary based on:

  • The complexity of your engine
  • Your shop's cost of labor
  • The parts needed for this work

Despite this, you shouldn't try to save money by doing this work yourself. The engine rebuilding process is both labor-intensive and highly complicated, meaning it isn't the sort of thing the average car owner should do on their own. Instead, find an auto shop in the area that can take care of this job for you while keeping your repair costs to a minimum.

Should you repair an engine or replace it?

It's difficult to overstate the importance of your engine. This component creates the power your vehicle needs to run — so if it runs into trouble, your car simply won't be able to function like it should.

When your engine encounters serious issues, there's no avoiding the fact that you'll need to repair or replace it. But while either of these services will get your car back on the road, one may be a better fit for your situation than the other.

If you're trying to decide between engine repair and replacement, start by thinking about this component's overall condition. Though repairing an engine will usually cost less than purchasing a new engine, you may need to replace your engine outright if it's dealing with severe damage.

By taking this and other factors into account, you should be able to decide whether engine replacement or repair is ideal for your needs. No matter what service you need, this work should be handled by skilled mechanics at an auto shop local residents trust.

Is it cheaper to rebuild an engine or buy a new one?

Under normal circumstances, rebuilding your engine should be more affordable than buying a new one. That said, any type of engine work will come with a price tag, and the expenses associated with these services can add up fast.

Fortunately, you can save on engine replacement and rebuilding by finding an auto shop that cares about its customers. These shops don't just avoid overcharging for their services — they also make it easy for scustomers to save with the help of online coupons.