Tire Shops in Euless & North Richland Hills, TX

Looking for a top-quality tire shop in Euless or North Richland Hills, TX? Look no further than Parra Car Care! Our ASE-certified mechanics are not just experts in auto service and repair but are trusted tire experts as well. 

Whether you drive a mid-sized sedan, a high-performance luxury car, an off-road beast, or something in between, we can provide you with the best new tires for your vehicle. Our manufacturer-trained experts can help you pinpoint the right balance between price and longevity, all without sacrificing quality or costing you a fortune.

You should not have to struggle to afford new high-quality tires that can be trusted on your vehicle. That is why we aim to make tires as affordable as possible.

Here at Parra Car Care, we are proud to carry tires from all of the major tire manufacturers, like Bridgestone, Goodyear, Michelin, and more.

We’ve brought the tire store to you! Just use our online tool below to conveniently shop for new tires by the tire size, by vehicle, or even by your vehicle’s license plate number. With the click of a button, you’ll be able to browse through a variety of tire options that fit your specific vehicle, as well as see the latest tire deals on offer directly from the manufacturers.

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We Can Help You Find the Right Tires for Your Vehicle

If you have questions about the different types of tires, exactly which ones might be the best for your vehicle, etc., contact your nearest Parra Car Care location today–you’ll be glad you did! Our knowledgeable associates can answer any questions you may have and help make buying new tires as easy and affordable as possible.

Professional Tire Shop Services You Can Count On

Not only can our ASE-certified mechanics help you choose the best new tires for your vehicle (and budget) but they can also meet any of your tire maintenance needs. Each of our Parra Car Care locations offers tire installation and mounting as well as:

Flat Tire Repair

When it comes to tire repair, our expert mechanics strictly adhere to the Rubber Manufacturers Association (RMA) guidelines for safe and effective repairs.

Here at Parra Car Care, all damaged/flat tires will be removed from the rim so the inside can be thoroughly inspected before a repair is started. This is because in some situations a nail in the tread could possibly cause hidden damage inside the tire, turning a simple repair into a different need. In this situation, a tire patch will be applied over the rubber plug in order to adequately seal the inner liner. A tire that is properly repaired can then safely continue to be used.

Tire Rotation

Keeping up with a schedule of routine tire rotations will help ensure even tire wear. Our mechanics can properly rotate your tires and help extend the life of your tires.  The best habit to get into is to have a tire rotation done at the same time you are getting each oil change done.

Tire Balancing

When a tire is properly balanced, the weight is evenly distributed around its entire diameter. Here at Parra Car Care, we can check the balance of your wheel/tire assemblies and properly make the necessary adjustments as needed.

Tire Alignment

Keeping your vehicle in proper alignment can also help minimize uneven tire wear. A professional tire alignment service, like you’ll get here at Parra Car Care, will ensure that your wheels are in proper position and spinning optimally. Remember, your alignment should be checked once a year, at a minimum, and after hitting a pothole, curb, or another obstacle.

Parra Car Care is Your One-Stop Euless Tire Shop & Auto Service Center

With convenient locations in both Euless and North Richland Hills, Parra Car Care is your local one-stop tire shop for not only all of your tire needs but also any other auto service your vehicle needs. Book your appointment online today! 

Ways You Can Extend the Life of Your New Tires

It’s no lie that brand-new tires can be an investment. But, for both your vehicle’s handling and its safety on the road, having good tires on your vehicle is a must. You can help protect your investment and extend their life by including your tires in your vehicle’s preventative maintenance routine and being mindful of a few things. 

Some of the things you can do to help your vehicle’s tires last longer include:

#1 - Regularly Checking Your Tires’ Air Pressure

One of the easiest ways that you can help extend the life of the tire tread is to maintain the proper air pressure. Driving with improper air pressure can increase the wear on your tires and increase the chance of a blowout. Plus, it can also cause less responsive handling, increase stopping distance, and reduce fuel mileage. So, making sure that your tires are at the right pressure not only helps extend your tires’ lifespan but also ensures the safety of your vehicle and will save you money at the pump.

#2 - Having a Tire Rotation Done Every 5,000 Miles

A vehicle’s tires naturally wear at different rates. On vehicles with front-wheel drive, the two front tires wear faster, while on rear-wheel drive vehicles, the two back tires wear faster. Vehicles with all-wheel drive can also see uneven tire wear when the drive routinely shifts from one wheel to another. Having a tire rotation done roughly every 5,000 miles to move your tires/wheels to different positions on the vehicle will help even out the tread wear and extend the life of the tires.

#3 - Having Tire Balancing Done When Needed

No tire, even when brand new, is perfect. Every tire/wheel assembly has a heavier spot. Even the smallest weight difference can cause vibration and uneven tread wear when driving. Having the tires’ balancing regularly checked and adjusted as needed will help ensure this doesn’t happen. When your vehicle is in for a tire rotation is also a perfect opportunity to have the balancing done as well.

#4 - Having the Alignment Checked Twice a Year

Even the smallest misalignment of your vehicle’s wheels can cause your vehicle to pull to one side, cause steering wheel vibration, cause uneven tread wear, and reduce gas mileage. To avoid these things, you should have your alignment checked twice a year. Your alignment can also be knocked out by hitting a large pothole or curb. So if that happens, you should have your vehicle’s alignment checked ASAP.

#5 - Be Mindful of the Way You Drive

That noise you hear when tires squeal is the rubber tread being left on the road. Just as much damage can be caused by grinding tires on curves when going too fast. You need to be mindful of your driving habits and not drive aggressively if you want your tires to last. This is especially true on broken pavement or rough roads.

Rest Easy with Emergency Roadside Assistance

When you buy new tires from any of our Parra Car Care locations, you can rest easy knowing that you’re covered if something happens and you need emergency roadside assistance

Provided by Roadside Protect Motor Club, this roadside assistance is 12 months of complimentary 24/7 coverage. You’ll be covered (up to $60 per occurrence) in the event that something happens out on the road and you need help. This plan covers the following emergencies:

  • Towing assistance
  • Flat tire change
  • Battery assistance
  • Fuel delivery service
  • Lock-out assistance
  • Winch pull-out