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Beat the Summer Heat!

Have you prepared to weather the summer heat wave predicted for the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex this year? Remember how hot and humid it was heading into early June here in Euless, Bedford, Hurst, North Richland Hills, Colleyville and other Mid-Cities communities? Parra Car Care, your trusted auto repair, and maintenance shop does. We’re geared up and ready to help your vehicle keep its cool all summer long.

Often when we hear a heat wave is coming, let alone living in the midst of one, we hear lots of sound advice about looking after ourselves, by being prepared, staying hydrated and protecting ourselves from the effects of the sun. But one thing we often overlook is where we spend much of our time during summer months — our family vehicle.

Like our bodies, automobiles have a number of different fluid systems. Like our bodies, proper fluid chemistry in those vehicle systems matters at all times, and especially so during extremes of heat or cold here in North Texas. Now is the perfect time to let your expert and experienced auto mechanics at Parra Car Care check out your vehicle, prepare it for summer, and ensure your family’s comfort and safety wherever you travel.

To help you understand which vehicle systems need to be summer-ready, here’s are some of the fluids in your vehicle that merit your attention to avoid having vehicle heat stroke issues:

  • Refrigerant When it’s hot outside, it’s the refrigerant fluid in your air conditioning system that transfers the heat from the air inside your vehicle’s passenger cabin to go outside your vehicle through the properties of evaporation. Similar to the coolant, the correct type and amount of refrigerant matters. Like coolant, the refrigerant is part of a separate vehicle system comprised of costly components, such as a compressor, so regular inspections and preventive maintenance are essential strategies to help you save your money and keep your cool.
  • Coolant Engine coolant helps remove heat from your vehicle’s engine by transferring it to your radiator. To perform optimally, the coolant is a precise blend of a specified type of antifreeze and distilled water. Like many of your car’s other fluids, coolant and the protective additives it contains have a limited life, so having coolant condition checked periodically is prudent, as is the condition of the system’s hoses and belts. One more thing: Never top up your coolant with ordinary tap water or the incorrect antifreeze, as cooling efficiency and component wear will be compromised. In addition, even if you do top up properly, you may be ignoring a leak in the air conditioning system that needs attention before it becomes a major headache.
  • Motor Oil During operation, let alone summer heat, your vehicle’s engine is one of the most stressed systems. The correct motor oil in good condition not only ensures proper lubrication to keep your engine durable, it also helps optimize the removal of heat from engine operation. In addition, motor oil features protective additives and other properties, such as your oil’s viscosity, that lessen over time working to keep your hard-working engine clean. If it’s been a while since your last oil service, and especially If you’ve planned a vacation or some upcoming road trips, it may be time to consider recharging your engine system with fresh motor oil.
  • Transmission Fluid The other half of your vehicle’s driveline is the transmission. It too depends on specially formulated transmission fluid to remove heat during operation. Driving in hot weather is taxing, and if your vehicle is heavily loaded with family, luggage, and supplies, your transmission is under a heavier load than normal. If you’re pulling a trailer or boat, even more stress is present. Even road construction delays, where you are stopped or moving very slowly, can lead to unexpected overheating of your transmission fluid. Make sure your transmission fluid is at the correct level and in good condition, because if your transmission fluid “cooks,” the odor can signal an expensive auto repair that could have been avoided.
  • Brake Fluid You have a lot riding on your brakes. Your family for one; your car’s ability to stop, for another. While your brake system is comprised of a lot of hardware, the proper functioning of those parts relies on a relatively small amount of quality brake fluid that is in good condition and has the correct chemical composition. One of the key safety systems that enable you to keep mobile, but stop on demand, brake fluid is often overlooked by drivers, as we’re more attuned to hearing squeaks and grinding sounds or spotting a leak under our car, than being able to discern what condition our working brake fluid is in.

Having the correct type and quality of fluids is part of the vehicle care equation. The other part is timely preventive maintenance of the hardware involved, such as belts, hoses and more. Here’s a brief example:

With school out and our summer bake on, now’s the time to check the health of your vehicle fluids. Our teams of service advisors and auto mechanics at Parra Car Care in North Richland Hills, Parra car Care in Euless, and Mid-Cities Service Center in Euless are ready, willing, and able to serve motorists in North Richland Hills, Hurst, Colleyville, Bedford, Euless, and surrounding communities. We invite you to call us, schedule an appointment online or visit us.  We’d be honored to provide you with the outstanding customer experience you expect and deserve!