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Whether you have a flat tire or you need tire maintenance services, Parra Car Care is here to serve all your automotive needs. We carry all the leading tire brands and can perform all of the necessary tire maintenance and repair services that your vehicle will ever need. We service all make and model vehicles, and we even perform tire services on electric cars! For all your tire-related needs, trust Parra Care Care in North Richland Hills, TX!

Whether you need tire service or tire repair, you can trust our auto shop in North Richland Hills.

At Parra Car Care, we know that your vehicle has individual needs, which is why we provide personalized customer service to make sure those needs are met. Each of our mechanics is ASE-certified and qualified to perform all the maintenance and repair services your vehicle will ever need. Here are some of the many services we provide at our trusted tire shop:

Flat Tire Repair in North Richland Hills

If you have a flat tire or a slow leak that’s causing your tire to lose pressure, bring your vehicle into Parra Car Care, and let our experts inspect your tire for you. If your tire is repairable, our experts will install a patch, refill your tire according to factory specifications, and get you back on the road in no time.

Tire Replacement Service

If your tire is damaged and cannot be repaired, or if your tire is worn and must be replaced, you’ve come to the right place. At Parra Car Care, we carry all the leading tire brands, as well as tire discounts and coupons, so you can get on the road with peace of mind without breaking the bank.

Wheel Alignment Service in North Richland Hills

Wheel alignment is a vital service that helps your vehicle travel in a straight line. While this service is overlooked by some drivers, wheel alignment helps maximize the life of your tires, protects your suspension from damage, and helps your vehicle perform its best. If your vehicle is drifting to one side when you let go of the steering wheel, schedule a service today, and allow our tire shop to perform a four-wheel alignment service.

Tire Balancing

Tire balancing is the act of placing tiny counterweights on the inside of your wheels to counter micro weight imperfections. This important service prevents your vehicle from vibrating at driving speeds. However, excessive vibrations can cause you to lose control of your vehicle.

If you notice your vehicle is vibrating when you drive, this may be an indication that your tires need to be balanced. Schedule service at our tire shop today. and allow our experts to balance your tires at your earliest convenience.

Tire Rotation in North Richland Hills

Tire rotation is the act of taking your wheels and tires off one side of your vehicle and placing them on another. Because a multitude of factors, including weight distribution, drivetrain configuration, and driving habits, play such a large role on tire wear, rotating your tires regularly maximizes their life span by promoting even wear.

How To Maximize the Life Span of Your Tires in North Richland Hills

Our trusted tire shop in North Richland Hills wants to help you maximize the life of your tires!

  • Rotate Your Tires Regularly: Check your owner’s manual to determine your manufacturer’s recommended tire rotation schedule. Some vehicles, such as electric vehicles, require more frequent tire rotations because of their added weight and instant torque outputs.

  • Check Tire Pressure Weekly: Driving with low tire pressure can overheat your tire sidewalls and cause you to experience a blowout at higher speeds. We recommend you check your tire pressure once per week to ensure you and your family remain safe on the road.

  • Check Tire Tread Monthly: Sufficient tire tread is vital for safe handling on the road, which is why we recommend you check your tire tread monthly. There’s an easy trick to check your tire tread and determine if your tires are safe for the road: the penny test. Take a penny and stick it in the tread of your tire with Lincoln’s head upside down. If you are able to see the top of Lincoln’s head, your tire tread is considered below the minimum threshold for safe driving. We recommend you schedule service with our tire shop in Richland Hills at your earliest convenience.

wheel aligment

Schedule Tire Service In North Richland Hills at Parra Car Care

Whether you need tire repair or tire maintenance services, we welcome you to come into Parra Car Care today. We even feature outstanding service specials that help you save money on your auto service!

Schedule service today and have confidence that your vehicle is in the hands of the best.

Ready for a smoother ride?

If your vehicle is making unusual sounds, has new vibrations or odors, or just isn’t running the way it used to, then bring it into one of our three local auto repair shops. Get in touch with us today!

Wheel Alignment FAQs

At Parra Car Care, we recommend having a four-wheel alignment performed on your vehicle every two to three years. Failing to have a wheel alignment service performed on time or continuing to drive a vehicle that needs wheel alignment can cause excess wear and tear and result in avoidable automotive repairs.

During a wheel alignment service, one of our ASE-certified mechanics will connect your vehicle to a specialized machine that measures the four wheels’ exact camber and toe. Once measured, a mechanic will make the necessary adjustments to the angle of your wheels to ensure that they point in precisely the same direction and are aligned perfectly with one another.

A wheel alignment ensures that your vehicle travels in a straight line with the lowest rolling resistance possible. Although a car alignment service may sound like a minor deal, your car’s alignment has many effects on your vehicle. Here are a few examples of the components that a wheel alignment affects:

  •  Suspension
  •  Transmission
  •  Tires

Here are a few signs that your vehicle may need car alignment service:

  • Pulling — You may need a wheel alignment service if your vehicle consistently pulls to one side when you drive. This is especially obvious on flat roads if your vehicle needs constant correction to travel in a straight line.
  • Vibration — If your steering wheel is vibrating or you feel vibrations shake the cabin when you reach driving speed, this may be a sign that you need wheel alignment service. When wheels move out of alignment, they try to pull your vehicle in different directions. This “tug of war” between your wheels translates to vibrations that can be felt inside the cabin.

As you drive, your tires, steering, and suspension system encounter thousands of impacts daily as you roll over road imperfections, potholes, speed bumps, and whatever else lies in the road. Even as you turn, thousands of pounds of force is being put on your steering and suspension system. Over time, these impacts and turning stresses slowly move your wheels out of alignment. While these stresses only cause a few degrees of movement, even the smallest misalignment can negatively affect your vehicle.

Wheel alignment is the act of aligning your wheels to point perfectly straight. Wheel balancing is adding weights to your tires to counter vibrations.

Minor imperfections created when tires are manufactured can cause them to vibrate once they reach driving speed. When a wheel balancing service is performed, one of our ASE-certified mechanics will install small weights on the side of your tires that weigh just a few grams. These weights are seldom noticed and counter any weight imbalances to ensure vibrations aren’t felt in the cabin.

Typically, you need a wheel alignment service every two to three years. However, these driving situations may cause you to visit an alignment shop sooner:

  • Spirited driving
  • Pothole impacts
  • Collisions
  • Off-road driving

The cost of wheel alignment will depend on whether your vehicle is receiving a front- or four-wheel alignment. Alignments on larger vehicles, such as heavy-duty pickup trucks or commercial vehicles, often cost more than smaller vehicles like sedans and SUVs.

At Parra Car Care, we work to help you save money by offering low, affordable prices without sacrificing quality. We also encourage you to check our current service specials and see how much you can save on your vehicle’s service.

These are a few signs that your vehicle needs car alignment:

  • Tilted Steering Wheel — You may need a wheel alignment if you notice that the emblem on your steering wheel is a few degrees off-center when you’re driving on a flat, even road.
  • Uneven Tire Wear — Uneven tire wear is a telltale sign that your car’s alignment is off. If your tires are worn on the inside or outside ring of the tread, your vehicle’s weight is not evenly distributed across its four tires. This is likely a sign that you need a wheel alignment.