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Most drivers in North Richland Hills, TX, know you can’t be a safe driver without auto maintenance — and you can’t truly prioritize auto maintenance without getting oil changes. To ensure that your oil changes are as effective as possible, you should be sure you’re getting this work done at the right time.

Scheduling oil changes too regularly in’t ideal, as that won’t allow you to make the most of your vehicle’s motor oil. But not getting oil change service often enough is even worse — neglecting this service can seriously affect your car’s well-being.

The good news is that creating a solid oil change schedule doesn’t have to be difficult. This is Parra Car Care’s complete guide to determining when you need an oil change in North Richland Hills.

Creating a Schedule for Your Oil Change Services

If your car doesn’t have a steady supply of fresh oil, it won’t be able to run like it should. This fluid is the lifeblood of any motor vehicle, as it helps to clean your engine, prevent rust formation, redirect heat from sensitive parts of the engine, and minimize engine friction.

But motor oil doesn’t stay clean forever, so North Richland Hills drivers need to have a plan for oil changes. As part of that, you should know your ideal oil change interval. Typically, car manufacturers encourage motorists to set up oil changes every 5,000 to 7,000 miles — but depending on your driving habits, you might want to schedule this work earlier than that implies.

Specifically, you might need oil changes more frequently than usual with driving habits such as:

  • Hauling or towing heavy loads
  • High-mileage driving
  • Taking short trips regularly

The majority of North Richland Hills drivers have at least one of these habits. Because of that, you’ll probably want to set up oil changes every 3,000 to 5,000 miles instead.

Keep These Local Factors in Mind

By considering this advice, you’ll be off to a great start when creating your oil change schedule. However, you should also think about a few factors specific to the North Richland Hills area.

Winters in North Richland Hills tend to be mild, but the same isn’t true for summers in the area. August is the hottest month of the year in this community, when the average high temperature is 95 degrees Fahrenheit. Intense heat can make it far more difficult for your engine to operate properly, meaning that it’s likely a good idea to schedule an oil change early in the season.

It’s also worth noting that North Richland Hills is a suburb of Fort Worth, which is the fifth-largest city in Texas and part of the Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington metropolitan area. If you regularly commute to the city, there’s a good chance you spend significant time dealing with urban traffic. This type of stop-and-go driving can do a number on your engine, meaning that it may be smart to set up your oil change service more frequently than you would otherwise.

What Oil Type Should You Get?

Since you’re already researching oil changes, you might as well go the extra mile and put some thought into the best type of oil for your vehicle’s needs. A few different oil types are available, and the average car can use all of these products without difficulty. Even so, each type of motor oil has its own benefits and drawbacks.

These are some of the oil types to consider:

Conventional Oil

Conventional oil (also called standard oil) is made from crude mineral oil that has been enhanced for better performance. The primary advantage of this partially refined natural oil is its lower cost than competing products.

But even though conventional oil is more popular than any other oil type, it doesn’t perform as effectively as alternative options. Plus, this form of oil needs to be changed more often than other products.

Full Synthetic Oil

Unlike conventional oil, full synthetic oil is artificially produced in labs and factories. Highly precise methods are used to manufacture this type of motor oil, meaning that it can reach unparalleled performance standards.

Full synthetic oil does a far better job of protecting engines than conventional oil. And while it costs more than conventional oil at the point of purchase, its longer life span allows you to wait considerably longer between oil changes.

Synthetic Blend Oil

When you haven’t already picked either synthetic or conventional oil, choosing one of these options may seem impossible. That’s where synthetic blend oil comes in — with this product, you get a combination of the two primary oil types (and a balance between their respective benefits and drawbacks).

Get the High-Quality Oil Change You Deserve

If you need a top-notch oil change in North Richland Hills, you can’t go wrong with Parra Car Care. When you visit our North Richland Hills location, you’ll get service from ASE-certified mechanics and money-saving opportunities in the form of online coupons

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