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Buying Tires Can Be an Art Form

If you have ever needed to buy tires, you know that it can be an art form. There are so many different tires to choose from for your vehicle, as well as many different manufacturers. Even the slightest deviation in tire brand, size, or type can have profound effects on the handling of your vehicle.

At Parra Car Care, we are here for all your tire-related needs. As tire experts, we not only provide a wide selection of new and high-quality tires for you to choose from, but we also walk you through which tires are best for your vehicle. 

Let's take a look at this comprehensive tire-buying guide to help you decide which tires are best for your vehicle. If you're looking for a quality tire shop that features all the top brands, as well as expert mechanics for trustworthy installation, schedule service at Parra Car Care, and allow our experts to get the job done.

Determine Your Tire Size

Drivers who embark on a journey to find the perfect tires for their vehicle often get stumped at the very first step in tire buying: knowing the correct tire size.

If you look at the sidewall of your tire, you'll notice a code that starts with a letter and is followed by a series of numbers. This code will give you the exact measurement of your tires. A tire size code will provide the following information:

“Vehicle Type/Tire Width/Tire Height/Wheel Size”

So if your tire reads “P 225/45/19,” the P means that your tire is meant for a passenger vehicle and is 225 millimeters wide, 45 millimeters high, and made for 19-inch wheels. 

Determine What You Need From Your Tire

When you embark on the journey to buy tires, it's important to determine what your goals are. Do you want your vehicle to maintain the performance it currently has? Does your car ride a little too stiffly for your liking, and you'd like a bit of a softer ride? Are you planning to drive through deep snow? These are just a few questions that you want to ask yourself when you first start shopping for tires. The type of performance you're looking for from your vehicle is one of the foundations to help you choose your next tire.

Here are a few examples of our best recommendations depending on what your tire goals are:

Maintain the Same Performance

If nothing about your vehicle's performance bothers you, then we suggest that you purchase the same brand and model of tire that is currently on your vehicle. Many drivers who wish to switch brands or types of tires often have complaints about a harsh ride or not enough grip in wet weather. If you have no complaints about your vehicle's handling, we encourage you to stick with the same brand and model of tire that's on your vehicle now.

Save Money

Tires are an investment in the safety, performance, and fuel economy of your vehicle. With that being said, sometimes tires can be a bit pricey, especially if you drive a car with specialty tires like run-flat tires, high-performance tires, or electric vehicle tires. 

However, we understand that sometimes you may not have the budget to purchase another set of high-end tires. Foreign tires are often cheaper than American-made tires. Drivers who are looking to save money will sometimes purchase that type of tire. However, foreign tires may not offer the same performance and may sometimes wear faster than quality American tires.

Better Performance

If you're generally unhappy with the performance of your tires, we welcome you to contact one of our service advisors to get our best recommendations. 

Determine What Season You’ll Be Driving In

In addition to tire size, tires are designed for different seasonal performance. Here are a few types of tires and how they can affect your vehicle’s handling and performance:

Summer Tires

Summer tires are designed to give you the best grip on the road. These tires are fantastic for high-performance driving that needs maximum traction. Although these tires are great for dry conditions, they are not always suitable for wet weather or snow.

All-Season Tires

All-season tires are the most popular tires. These tires are good all year round and can perform well in both wet and dry conditions. They are considered a happy medium between summer and winter tires. 

Winter Tires

If you are planning to drive through soft snow, consider purchasing a set of snow tires. These tires are fitted with unique studs that offer added traction on unplowed, snowy roads. Snow tires are fantastic for extra traction in the winter; however, if driven in the summer when extra traction is not needed, you may find that they decrease your fuel economy. 

Trust the Euless and North Richland Hills Mechanics

We've learned how to determine your tire size and how to determine what type of tire you should shop for. Now it's time for you to come into Parra Car Care to buy your tires. Our tire shop features a wide selection of new tires of various sizes and types, and we always offer the best tire deals so you never have to spend time calling different shops for a fair price.

Once you're on the road enjoying your new set of tires, we encourage you to bring your vehicle back for all its tire service needs. Whether you are in need of new tires, tire repair, or you need something simple like a tire rotation, we’re here for all your auto-related needs. We even offer additional savings with our service promotions!

Schedule service today and trust your tire-related needs and the hands of the experts at Parra Car Care.