Mechanic holding a tire tire at the repair garage. replacement of winter and summer tires

Are you a motorist living in Euless or North Richland Hills, TX? If so, you don’t need us to tell you that tires are a crucial part of your car. Tires may seem simple in comparison to your engine or transmission, but without them, your car won’t be able to get you anywhere near your destination.

With this in mind, making an effort to take good care of your tires is just common sense. Like any other auto component, tires need professional maintenance and repair services to continue operating at their full potential. When you neglect these services or choose a subpar tire shop to provide them, your tires could suffer from all kinds of issues—from uneven tread wear to a total blowout.

If you’re a Texas resident looking for tire repairs, tire maintenance, or new tires, Parra Car Care has you covered. As Euless and North Richland Hill’s most trusted tire shop, we can provide all the tire-related services you need (and a host of other services as well). Schedule your tire service now and read on for our complete guide to learn the benefits of tire service, how to select a tire store, the tire services we offer, and everything else you need to know about tires.

Why You Need Tire Service

There’s no denying that auto maintenance and repair work come with a cost. For some drivers, it can be tempting to save as much as possible by keeping their auto services to a bare minimum. But this is never the wisest approach—especially when it comes to your tires. These hard-working components are in direct contact with the road every day, so they need quite a bit of attention to continue delivering the best results.

When you make a commitment to taking good care of your tires, you’ll benefit from:

Improved Gas Mileage

One of the most obvious benefits of quality tire maintenance is the fact that you’ll get more miles per gallon. Put simply, worn-out tires need to work harder to get you from point A to point B. Paying attention to tire maintenance will help your tires age gracefully—and give you a chance to save at the pump in the process.

A Safer Vehicle

Of course, having a flat tire or a blowout can make it all but impossible to stay safe on the road. But these aren’t the only tire problems that can compromise your safety. Uneven tire wear may sound like a minor issue, but it can increase your stopping distance and make it harder to steer. Luckily, tire maintenance can help you avoid tire safety risks both large and small.

An Improved Driving Experience

When you’re looking for new tires, the “feel” they provide probably isn’t your top priority. But during your first drive with a fresh set of tires, you should be able to notice the extra traction and control they provide. Tire maintenance is critical if you hope to preserve this feeling for as long as possible.

How to Choose a Tire Shop

If you’re looking for a tire shop in or around Euless, you already know one thing: narrowing down your options can be a daunting task. This part of Texas is home to countless tire stores, all claiming to be the best choice. Even with the Internet at your fingertips, picking a single business for your tire-related needs can feel all but impossible.

But there’s another way: focusing on the right priorities can allow you to tune out the noise and select the best tire store for your vehicle. When it’s time to buy new tires or get tire maintenance services in Texas, try to:

Put Quality First

Tire repair might seem more straightforward than engine or transmission repair. But the fact remains that this is a high-stakes task that needs to be handled by professionals. If your tires aren’t properly cared for, you could encounter all kinds of problems. In a worst-case scenario, you could even put your safety and the safety of your Euless-area passengers at risk.

The best way to get the quality tire service you deserve is to look for shops promoting their ASE-certified technicians. These mechanics are the best of the best, capable of handling any auto maintenance or repair task with confidence—including any type of tire service you could name. All Parra Car Care locations are staffed by ASE-certified mechanics, allowing you to put your mind at ease whenever you need tire repairs or maintenance work.

Consider Your Shop’s Legacy

Finding a tire shop with ASE-certified mechanics is a great first step, but there’s more to the process of choosing a garage than that. Even if a shop can deliver excellent service, you’ll want to know that they have a strong reputation in the local community. While new tire stores can get by on flashy advertisements, a lengthy history of service in your hometown is something marketing money can’t buy. As a result, this history is something you should pay close attention to in your search for a tire shop.

To get a real sense of a tire store’s legacy, you’ll need to look beyond their online reviews. Instead, it’s a good idea to check how long they’ve been in business locally—the longer, the better. Parra Car Care has been a Euless-area fixture for 45 years, and we’ve been able to reach this milestone by taking good care of drivers in this part of Texas for decades!

Look for All the Services You Need

Let’s say you’re able to find a tireWinter Tires Replacement store capable of providing a full range of tire repair and maintenance services. If that’s the case, you should be good to go, right? Not necessarily. Your car has all kinds of components that need attention. Finding different shops to work on each of these components isn’t the most efficient use of your time.

Naturally, when your tires run into trouble, your first priority is to find a tire store capable of fixing them. At the same time, it’s wise to make sure your shop of choice will be able to handle any other work your vehicle may need in the future. Parra Car Care has a strong reputation for tire-related work, but we also deliver a full slate of repair and maintenance services.

Keep an Eye Out for Deals

Tire repairs certainly aren’t the most expensive job you’ll have to pay for as a responsible Texas car owner, but they do come with a price tag. And when you’re ready to buy tires, you can expect to pay even more for a set of new wheels. Because of that, it’s not hard to see why Euless residents are all about saving money on tire repair and replacement.

Any tire store can offer fair prices for their services and products—and that’s definitely the case here at Parra Car Care. However, we go one step further by providing a comprehensive selection of online coupons for tire services and other jobs. No matter what work you need, there’s a coupon with your name on it!

Our Tire Services

By now, you should understand why tire services are so important and know what to prioritize when looking for a tire store in North Richland Hills. The next step is simple: figuring out precisely what kind of tire service you need.

The team at Parra Car Care is more than willing to work with you to figure out what’s wrong with your tires and how to fix them. At the same time, doing some research before your appointment to figure out what work your tires could benefit from isn’t a bad idea. Here are some of the most common tire services offered at Parra Car Care:

Tire Balancing Service

Whether you know it or not, the weight of your tires matters. You could face surprisingly severe consequences if your wheels don’t weigh the same amount. Those consequences could range from uneven tread wear to steering wheel vibrations and reduced gas mileage.

If one or more of your tires doesn’t weigh the right amount, you’ll need tire balancing service to get things back under control. At Parra Car Care, we use a specialized piece of equipment called a wheel balancer to figure out how much each tire on your vehicle weighs. From there, we’ll attach tiny weights to your wheels, bringing them back into balance and keeping your tires safe.

Tire Rotation Service

If you’re confused about the difference between tire balancing and tire rotation, you aren’t alone. However, it’s crucial to understand that these terms describe two completely different types of tire service.

As you know, tire balancing focuses on controlling the weight of your tires. But tire rotation is something else—it focuses on changing where your tires are installed on your vehicle. By moving your tires in a predetermined pattern every so often, you’ll make it easier for them to wear in a uniform manner.

Wheel Alignment Service

Along with the weight and location of your tires, you should be aware of the angle of your wheels. Tires are designed to meet the road at a specific angle—when they can’t, they’ll wear incorrectly and make it harder for you to drive in a straight line. It shouldn’t be hard to see why this is far from an ideal situation for Texas motorists to find themselves in.

Anything from car accidents to driving over potholes can knock your alignment out of whack, so it pays to be vigilant. If you think you might need wheel alignment, ask the crew at Parra Car Care for help. We can adjust your suspension to put your wheel angles exactly where they should be.

Tire Repair Service

Sometimes, tire maintenance services alone aren’t enough to keep your tires in good shape. If your tires have sustained significant damage, you might find yourself in need of repair services. Not all damaged tires can be saved, but if anyone can fix them, it’s the expert mechanics at Parra Car Care!

Tire Replacement Service

By keeping up on tire balancing, wheel alignment, tire rotation, and other services, you can significantly increase the lifespan of your wheels. But even a “significantly increased” lifespan won’t last forever. The fact is that tires wear out over time, and not even the most attentive service schedule can prevent that.

Instead of trying to hold onto old tires for too long, it may be in your best interest to start shopping for new ones. You’ll find an extensive selection of tires from the world’s most popular brands right here at Parra Car Care.

Tire Installation Service

When you’ve picked out the perfect set of new tires for your vehicle, you shouldn’t have to install them yourself. Instead, the best tire shops—like Parra Car Care—make a point of removing their customers’ old tires and installing new ones.

Is It Time for New Tires?

Even the most experienced Texas motorists can find it challenging to determine whether their tires just need a bit of tire maintenance or are ready to be replaced outright. If you’re in this situation and having trouble, follow these simple steps:

  • Measure tire pressure from one month to the next. Under normal circumstances, your tires should lose a pound of pressure per square inch each month. If they lose more than that, you might need new wheels. To see if you’re dealing with this issue, record your tire pressure levels and see how they change over time.
  • Double-check your tread depth. Dangerously low tread depth is an easy-to-spot sign that your tires aren’t long for this world. While checking your tread depth might sound like a hassle, it doesn’t have to be. Simply find a penny and insert it into your treads with the head facing down. If the top of the head is still visible, your tread depth is under 1/16″, meaning your tires are overdue for replacement.
  • Check for foreign objects. It’s surprisingly easy for things like glass shards, nails, and even small rocks to puncture your tires. A quick visual inspection should help you see if any pieces of debris have become embedded in your tire treads.
  • Look around for other red flags. While you’re checking for foreign objects, make sure your tires haven’t encountered any other issues. Specifically, it’s wise to check for bulges, punctures, cracks, and slices.

The Importance of Matching Tires

bearded car mechanic in uniform changing car tire in car serviceIf you follow the steps listed above, you might determine that one of your tires needs to be replaced immediately. That seems reasonable enough—but when you bring your car in for tire replacement, your tire shop might inform you that you should get two or even all four tires replaced. Even if you’ve found a trustworthy tire store like Parra Car Care, you might be tempted to assume that you’re being squeezed dry in this situation.

While that’s certainly an understandable reaction, there are real reasons why you might need to replace more than one tire at once—even if only one tire is actually damaged. First of all, it’s always best to avoid having more than one tire variety installed on your vehicle. Tires need to be as similar as possible to work together, so they should ideally match in terms of:

  • Manufacturer
  • Size
  • Tread pattern
  • Load index
  • Speed rating

You can mix and match tires in some cases—you’ll just need to follow a few rules when doing so. First, the tires on each axle must belong to the same brand and share the same tread type. If your tires have different tread depths, older tires should go on the front axle and newer tires should go on the rear axle. This way, your rear axle will get as much grip as it can, reducing your risk of oversteering should you lose traction.

Still, in many situations, the best way to ensure tires match as well as possible is to install more than one new tire at the same time. If you’re in need of multiple tires, it’s in your best interest to choose a tire shop offering fair rates for its products. At the same time, your tire store of choice needs to have knowledgeable employees who can help you find the right replacement tires for your situation. For all these benefits and more, the obvious solution is to choose Parra Car Care!

Schedule Your Tire Shop Appointment ASAP

If your tires are suffering from a full-fledged blowout, it’s clear to see that you need tire service right away. But a blowout isn’t the only issue warranting professional attention—even “small” problems like uneven tread wear can turn into much bigger problems before you know it.

Taking that into account, your best bet is to take any tire issues you encounter seriously. No matter what tire issues you’re dealing with, the Parra Car Care team is standing by and ready to help you get the services you need.